Coalescence Gathering 2020

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co·a·lesce  (kō′ə-lĕs′)


1.    to grow together.

2.    to unite into a whole. to unite for a common end.

3.    to arise from the combination of distinct elements.

Since the Covid-19 Social Distancing restrictions have basically kneecapped any large gatherings for 2020, Coalescence is going ahead as a limited-capacity landcare gathering instead. It’ll be a smaller, more laid-back version of our usual full-force festival, and we’ll be focusing a little more on the tree-planting stuff.

Tickets are cheap as chips, just enough to cover the cost of the trees and production, and some food will be provided, but BYO any barbie stuff you wanna contribute.
We’re thinking equal parts wholesomeness and debauchery! 😇 😈

There will be heaps of shade, two fully solar-powered sound and lighting systems, bulk room for camping, a waterproof dancefloor, and composting toilets. Depending on the weather, there might be mozzies, so bring something mozzie-proof to sleep in. 🚫🦟🚫

And don’t forget your shoes: there are prickles in the grass and it’s surrounded by forest, so you never quite know when you’re gonna bump into a creepy or slithery camp-mate. Just use you usual camping common sense and you’ll be fine 💪🤠👍

As usual, we’re lining up a diverse range of the fun and interesting music. Coalescence aims to provide something for everyone, without sacrificing on quality 🎧😎🎶

The line-up will be announced in its entirety on the 13th of July.

Check the website for more details:

And here’s the Facebook Event for announcements and if you have any questions: